Learning objectives

​After completing this course, the student (that's you!) will be able to

  • understand possibilities of open science, open data, and open research tools
  • visualize and analyze data sets with some fairly advanced statistical methods
  • master a few state-of-the-art, freely available, open software tools
  • apply the principle of reproducible research and see its practical advantages
  • learn more of all this in the near and distant future ("life-long learning")

Practical information in short form

  • Organizers: Centre for Research Methods and Doctoral School in Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Course page for official pre-course info: https://courses.helsinki.fi/en/hymy-909/125158217
  • Language: "English" (do your best and don't care about the rest!)
  • Registration: WebOodi (HYMY-009), but you may well attend without such formalities (postdoc researchers, lecturers, professors, alumni et al), cf. MOOC (O=Open)
  • Campus: City Centre of UH, but you may well attend virtually from anywhere, cf. MOOC (O=Online)
  • Teaching: On period #2 of UH: starting 30 Oct 2018, ending 12 Dec 2018.
  • Class (recommended): Weekly on Tue 4pm-5:30pm, Unioninkatu 35 (auditorium)
  • Tools: Bring a laptop computer where you can download and install the required (free) software tools.
  • Prepare to work hard, several hours each week (that's what we have done to prepare this course, so now it's your turn!) :) We'll continue in good pace, too...

More information in longer form

Read my blog (written 12-14 Oct 2018, published by THINK OPEN 15 Oct 2018):