Welcome to the course on Applications of matrix computations!

If you want to sign up for the course, click on the Course dashboard (Kurssin koontinäyttö in Finnish) and sign up as a student. If you just want to watch the videos or lecture materials, and not do the exercises, then you can freely view the course platform as a guest user.

Before the course you should have basic knowledge of linear algebra (first year university level). If you know how to use Matlab, that will be helpful, but this is not a requirement. You will learn how to use Matlab during the course.

The topics of the course are varied applications of matrix computations.


  • Linear algebra (first year university level)
  • You will need a Matlab installation
  • Course starts on March 11th.
  • First deadline is on March 22nd.
  • Last deadline is on May 3rd.
The workload of this course is 5 cr (ECTS). Official study credits are currently only available to students studying at University of Helsinki.