Open Data + Open Science + Data Science

Original motivation of this course: Our era of data - larger than ever and complex like chaos - requires several skills from statisticians and other data scientists.
  • We must discover the patterns hidden behind numbers in matrices and arrays.
  • We are not afraid of coding, recoding, programming, or modelling.
  • We want to visualize, analyze, interpret, understand, and communicate.
Motto: "Whatever your discipline identity is, we will all be data scientists."

Learning objectives

​After completing this course, the student (that's you!) will be able to

  • understand possibilities of open science, open data, and open research tools
  • master state-of-the-art, open and free software tools: RStudio and GitHub
  • write dynamic documents (text + R code + results + graphs + tables) in R Markdown
  • apply the principle of reproducible research and see its practical advantages
  • visualize and analyze data sets with some fairly advanced statistical methods
  • learn much more of all this in the future (continuous learning)

Practicalities briefly