Moodlerooms is now Blackboard Open LMS

Moodlerooms is now Blackboard Open LMS

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Dear Blackboard Client, 

Following the announcement of our strategic decision to exit the Moodle Certified Partner Program, we have focused on reassigning resources and aligning our open-source product with the vision we share for our Teaching & Learning solutions. We’ve recently introduced the new face (i.e. name and branding) of our Moodle-based SaaS product to the market: Blackboard Open LMS. 

As you know, the only changes to the product the name and branding which now reflect Blackboard’s visionDuring the rebranding process we've made some updates to our information channels and public-facing assets. Here are some of the most notable changes we introduced during this process: 

To get more information about our announcement of Blackboard Open LMS, visit our press release and blog post. 

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to your site Manager. You can also share your thoughts and join the conversation in the Community Site. 


Blackboard Open LMS Product Team